World Wide Tack Creates Happy Customers!

Here at World Wide Tack we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We like nothing more that to create happy customers so we were thrilled to receive this message from Erin Pullen. She said

“Thank you so so much for being so wonderful! I received my bit this afternoon. It’s absolutely perfect. I appreciate your time and patience with getting my order to me.”

At World Wide Tack we offer a range of different Bits including Neue Schule, Reinsman and the world renowned, innovative Bombers Bits . Our in-house bitting expert Stephen Biddlecombe is happy to inform and advise customers on bitting their horse and his wealth of experience is sure to help you find a bit for even the most challenging of horses.

Stephen is contactable on Tel: 01825 841 303 or email:




Get Your Polo Supplies from World Wide Tack!

Are you an avid polo player or would like to take up the exhilarating, exciting game known as “The Sport of Kings”?

Polo was once thought of to be solely an elitist sport but it has recently started to become more available outside the realms of the rich and famous. Group polo lessons including a hired pony are offered by many clubs giving the amateur polo player the chance to experience the fabulous sport and have a lesson with a house-hold name in the polo world!

Whether you play polo regularly or are just taking up the sport you will require the necessary kit! World Wide Tack supplies both Polo Horse Tack and quality Polo Equipment, so you can be sure that you are choosing a high quality product that has been designed specifically for the game creating a blend of top professional rider’s innovations and traditional equestrian equipment.

Here is World Wide Tack’s Equipment Guide…

Bandages and Tendon Boots
Polo is a fast and furious game and so your pony’s legs must be protected. Polo players often apply both soft fleece bandages and supportive tendon boots in order to maximise protection. World Wide Tack offers 18 different coloured polo bandages designed specifically with polo in mind with extra length for support and protection.

World Wide Tack supplies Bomber Bits, a must-have for any polo player! Designed by polo player Peter Nel every Bomber bit is made from blue sweet iron which oxidises easily, encouraging salivation and acceptance. In addition World Wide Tack offer a bespoke service where you can choose your mouth and cheek piece size and order it to be hand made and delivered directly to you; perfect for polo!

World Wide Tack pride themself on their bridle work being made exclusively in the UK from top quality leather. You need a firm holding when playing polo and the security that your bridle is going to stay intact for the duration in all conditions so World Wide Tack has a range of high quality leather work, built to last and offering maximum quality!

For more information about the wide range of equipment for polo and other disciplines visit the website

Sheepskin; the most versatile fabric!

Sheepskin saddle pads are an incredibly fashionable, attractive item to kit your horse out in for schooling or competing but the use of true sheepskin, as opposed to a synthetic alternative also provides unique health benefits, particularly useful during the summer months.

Often horse owners typically associate sheepskin as a cosy, warm layer that can provide warmth and comfort for our equines during the winter months. Though this is an accurate analogy, in fact sheepskin is exceptional at absorbing moisture and therefore provides a useful item during the winter and summer months alike.

Sheepskin numnahs and saddle cloths made from natural materials are considered one of the highest performing materials. Despite density sheepskin is highly breathable, composed of a mass of softly curled fibres that can hold many microscopic air pockets allowing air to circulate and water vapour to be released.

As well as allowing water to evaporate sheepskin draws water and sweat away from our equine’s backs. Sheepskin wool is able to hold 30% of its own weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp, allowing our horse’s skin and coat to remain drier for longer.
In addition real sheepskin, through its density and structure warms up and cools down, thermoregulating more slowly and effectively than other materials. This reduces temperature fluctuations in the muscles of our equine’s back, which in turn reduces the risk of injury.

World Wide Tack offer a wide range of Sheepskin accessories made from the highest quality Australian lambswool so you can kit your horse or pony out in the best products available.

For more information or to see the wide range of sheepskin products World Wide Tack has available visit the website at:

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Royal Rider Stirrups give peace of mind

The Royal Rider Jump 25 T3 Offset Lightweight stirrups were recently tested in Horse & Rider magazine! “They are made from high-quality, lightweight material. My foot was very secure while I was riding and they were very comfortable. I also felt that should I fall off, my foot would be easily released, which gave me peace of mind.”

Buy yours at 

Horse & Rider T&T May royal rider stirrups

Get set for eventing!

As published in May Local Rider magazine.

After years of watching your equestrian idols competing at Badminton, Burghley and the like, you have decided you would like to give eventing a go. The first step is making sure you and your horse are sufficiently fit, healthy and have a suitable schooling and training regime – but how do you get organised equipment wise, for the big event?

The equipment list for eventing can be a little daunting, leaving those new to the sport unsure of what to buy. How do we know what is a must-have and what equipment is horse specific, and individual to each horse and their behaviour and temperament?

Key products
All equine tack and rider attire is governed by British Eventing, when you compete at events run under the auspices of BE rules; strict rules are maintained regarding any tack which could be deemed relevant to safety or horse welfare. Full details can be viewed on the British Eventing website,

Leather work can be one of the most confusing avenues for the beginner event rider, so here we take a look at some items commonly used in the sport of eventing:

A standard Cavesson noseband is the most commonly seen noseband in eventing and is permitted in all disciplines – it is a must-have on any double bridle. Double bridles are only to be seen during the Dressage phase at Intermediate Novice level and above, but can be used at lower levels during, both the Show Jumping and the Cross Country phases of eventing competitions. Grackle and Dropped nosebands are allowed in all disciplines, but only when combined with a snaffle bit.

Martingales are used to help the rider control the head carriage of the horse. Running martingales, which allow more freedom and movement than other martingales, are permitted and are often seen during the show jumping and cross country phases of eventing contests. Other gadgets and martingales such as standing martingales and Market Harboroughs are strictly forbidden in all eventing phases.

Breastplates are used in order to keep the saddle in place, and also provide a useful “grab strap”, should the rider be unseated or left behind over a fence. Breastplates often have a martingale attachment, but this can only be attached during the jumping phases.

Stud Girths
Stud girths are permitted in all disciplines but only generally used during the jumping phases. They aim to protect the abdomen of the horse from the risk of catching themselves and causing injury when they are wearing studs. Many riders consider a stud girth an essential safety item, particularly when jumping at the higher levels.

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What is all the fuss about Gel-Eze?

Gel-Eze is the original gel accessory product, and forms part of a wide range which includes products for horse riders such as saddle pads and under-bandages.

It offers the impact-absorption qualities of a liquid, in gel form.

We have a huge range of products incorporating the benefits if this innovative Gel-Eze technology, from various saddle pads to leg wraps.

The revolutionary gel can be placed directly on the horse’s back to reduce saddle slippage, and offers impact-absorption.

The Gel-Eze under-saddle range is ideal for show jumpers and event horses, and is non toxic, washable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Our range also includes leather fetlock boots and tendon boots, for ultimate protection for your horse or pony.

Try Gel-Eze today to see the benefits for yourself! 

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NEW top quality padded studguard girth for ultimate equine comfort

Stephens Studguard proudly launches this beautiful, English-made balance studguard girth from Stephens Leather.

Stephens Leather products are made to the highest quality, with an outstanding finish. With top quality leather and fittings, these products are both stylish and long lasting.

This is a professional-quality girth with a built-in stud guard. Featuring strong, triple layer elastic at both ends, it is configured to alleviate pressure and also protect the horse’s underside from the risk of injuries from horse shoe studs.

The new design is very soft and padded, and is designed to give your horse maximum freedom of movement over fences. It boasts stainless steel fittings, plus a central ring for your martingale or training aid. This is suitable for use with all saddles.

Studguard girth available in Black or Havana Brown in 42” – 56”. We also have a Lambswool studguard cover available. For more information or to buy online at the reduced price of £126 instead of £159 CLICK HERE.