Measuring and Trying New Bits


Bits are measured from inside the cheek pieces, from ring to ring. There are several options available to horse owners when looking for or trying out a new bit.

1.A ‘bit measure’

Horse owners could buy or borrow a bit measure – these gadgets cost around £50 and are fitted inside the mouth – a gauge accurately tells you the size required, and they are available for the different brands of bit available – Bombers Bits does sell a bit measure within its product range. Once in the horse’s mouth, horse owners will need to lift the measure into the correct place; just before any wrinkles begin to form, note the sizing detailed on the measure, just outside the mouth’s lip creases.

2. A straight rod

Using any straight rod, like a wooden spoon handle, can achieve the same result as a proper bit measure. With assistance, lift the rod to the correct place in the mouth, and mark the rod on both sides with a pen, just outside the lip crease. Measuring between these marks gives you the measured mouth size.

3.Borrowing a bit

Whilst equestrian could also try a few other bits that friends or team-mates have for size, this can be problematic, as the type of mouthpiece and cheekpiece of the bit that you measured could affect the sizing; e.g. if the bit you need is a loose ring, which measures slightly longer, and the bit you are borrowing is a fixed cheek piece bit. If however you do have a bit to borrow that is similar to the one you want, and is the right size, you can simply lay it down on a flat surface and pull the rings apart so the bit is at its maximum length. Measure along the full length of the mouthpiece from the inside edge of the ring to the inside edge of the opposite ring with a ruler, choosing inches or centimetres. (You could also ask a reputable bitting retailer about their hire packages, having established the size that you believe you need…

Stephen Biddlecombe of World Wide Tack says…

“In my experience, most horses are fitted with bits that are too tight, and this just adds more pressure points to the ‘bitting mix’. With a fixed mouth piece, the size required is the measured size, and with single and double jointed bits, this should be the measured size, plus 10 mm to take into account the joints. In addition to these factors, add 5mm if the bit has a loose ring cheek piece. Nothing additional needs to be added for fixed cheek pieces!”

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Taking Part in Arena Polo

Arena polo is a fast-paced version of polo played outdoors on an enclosed all-weather surface, or in an indoor arena.

Unlike outdoor polo, which is played on a 10-acre field, arena polo is played in a smaller set up allowing more venues to host matches and adding to the excitement of the thrilling game.

The match is played as usual, consisting of four chukkas of seven and one-half minutes each but the ball used is slightly larger.

Arena polo is typically far more financially accessible than outdoor polo. Arena polo is also played year-round, which is attractive to many players because it makes progress in the sport easier and quicker!

So what equipment do you need for Arena Polo?

Rider Wear

Being safe and protected whilst playing Polo is essential, alongside a riding helmet Riding Boots, Elbow Pads and Knee Guards should be worn. World Wide Tack offer their own range of top quality products. Click here to view!

Bandages and Tendon Boots
Polo is a fast and furious game and so your pony’s legs must be protected. Polo players often apply both soft fleece bandages and supportive tendon boots in order to maximise protection. World Wide Tack offers 18 different coloured polo bandages designed specifically with polo in mind with extra length for support and protection.

World Wide Tack supplies Bomber Bits, a must-have for any polo player! Designed by polo player Peter Nel every Bomber bit is made from blue sweet iron which oxidises easily, encouraging salivation and acceptance. In addition World Wide Tack offer a bespoke service where you can choose your mouth and cheek piece size and order it to be hand made and delivered directly to you; perfect for polo!

Leather Work
World Wide Tack pride themself on their bridle work including bridles, martingales, breastplates and more being made exclusively in the UK from top quality leather. You need a firm holding when playing polo and the security that your tack is going to stay intact for the duration in all conditions so World Wide Tack has a range of high quality leather work, built to last and offering maximum quality!

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Help ease back pain

With the competition season in full swing many horses are working incredibly hard. In addition the recent warm weather has resulted in the ground becoming extremely solid and firm, increasing the impact on the equine’s hooves, limbs and their backs.

Back pain is a common complaint suffered by the competition horse and can cause problems such as unsoundness on a circle, bucking, discomfort when lifting the limbs and struggling with transitions, to name just a few. Success at competitions requires the horse to be a true athlete and to perform and train in a way which is both bold and brave. Only too often, the hidden factor holding competing equines back is their own back pain.

Effective and correct training goes a long way to ensuring your equine is working correctly and using his body in a way that will minimize harm. Training with a trusted professional can give you further insight and knowledge and is therefore always advisable.

Crucially when deliberating the cause of back pain it is vital to ensure that your tack fits your horse comfortably and correctly first. If the saddle provides a good fit a supportive saddle pad may be required.

Gel-Eze products offered by World Wide Tack offer the ideal product to help combat the stresses and strains caused to the equine back through their innovative gel accessories which uniquely act to absorb the impact. Their products include fetlock and tendons boots and saddle pads.

The Gel-Eze Saddle Pads offer the impact absorption qualities of liquid, yet in a gel form. The saddle pads, placed directly on to the horse’s back reduce the potential for the saddle to slip, reach an uncomfortable position and rub and wound the horse whilst offering a non toxic, reusable product which absorbs the impact subjected on the equine back from both the hard ground and the rider.

Gel-Eze Saddle Pads from World Wide Tack are available in a range of fittings and sizes, including saddle pads which cover the whole back or products which just raise the front or the back of the saddle; so you can choose which item suits your equine the best. In addition the Gel-Eze product is available incorporated into a Sheepskin Numnah, Dressage Square or Half pad so you can look good in the ring, whilst keeping your horse safe, comfortable and able to perform at his best.

For more information about the Gel-Eze range visit the website http://www.worldwide.tack or call 01825 841303 to speak to a member of the World Wide Tack Team.

stephens gel eze sheepskin half pad with comfort cushions

Royal Rider Stirrups give peace of mind

The Royal Rider Jump 25 T3 Offset Lightweight stirrups were recently tested in Horse & Rider magazine! “They are made from high-quality, lightweight material. My foot was very secure while I was riding and they were very comfortable. I also felt that should I fall off, my foot would be easily released, which gave me peace of mind.”

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Horse & Rider T&T May royal rider stirrups

Calmly does it

If you are stressing about competitions and keeping your horse calm this season then perhaps you ought to invest in a little outside assistance in the shape of Grand Meadows Grand Calm

The unique formula of Grand Calm helps to minimise stress and support maximum performance to help make preparing your horse for a casual hack out, training session or competition a fun and enjoyable occasion rather than one fraught with angst!

A hard to handle, spooky, stressed out horse will quickly ruin your fun and affect the outcome of your ride or performance.

Grand Calm is a unique calming supplement that is drug-free and non-herbal. The formula contains four different sources of magnesium that provides maximum bioavailability which broaden the effects of the magnesium. The formula also includes the amino acid Theanine which is well documented as an aid to relaxation. Grand Calm will help control nervousness in horses that are tense, spooky and inattentive.

Don’t just take our word for it, trainer Kathryn Fischer was very impressed with Grand Calm. “In the time I tested Grand Calm I could see a huge difference in the way my horse could focus her energy into her jumping instead of being high strung and unable to pay attention to her job. With Grand Calm my mare is now a lovely and willing partner who no longer rushes at fences and can stand still without tossing her head.”

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What is all the fuss about Gel-Eze?

Gel-Eze is the original gel accessory product, and forms part of a wide range which includes products for horse riders such as saddle pads and under-bandages.

It offers the impact-absorption qualities of a liquid, in gel form.

We have a huge range of products incorporating the benefits if this innovative Gel-Eze technology, from various saddle pads to leg wraps.

The revolutionary gel can be placed directly on the horse’s back to reduce saddle slippage, and offers impact-absorption.

The Gel-Eze under-saddle range is ideal for show jumpers and event horses, and is non toxic, washable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Our range also includes leather fetlock boots and tendon boots, for ultimate protection for your horse or pony.

Try Gel-Eze today to see the benefits for yourself! 

Grey Shaped saddle pad_lrg

First bath of the season

Word has it that spring is finally going to show its face this month, which means one thing in our books! Bath time! After what seems the longest winter ever, many horse’s coats and skin are needing some TLC!

Months of rugs, mud, scurf and limited time leading to less grooming can take its toll on your horse’s coat and skin so as soon as the weather is warm enough it is time to grab the buckets, sponges and shampoo and get spring cleaning!

First, make sure you have all the equipment you need to hand. Position yourself near to the water supply and choose your bathing weapons of choice! Our must-haves are buckets, sponges, sweat scraper, Bathing Blade, shampoo, a rubber curry comb, a cooler rug and Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine for applying to the tail once bathing has been completed.

Using the Bathing Blade as an attachment to your hose wet the horse’s coat all over. If you haven’t got access to a hose then use a sponge and bucket of water to thoroughly dampen the coat. Then using your favourite shampoo, we like Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo, produce a rich lather all over your horse’s coat, starting at the neck and working your way to his hind quarters. Using a rubber curry comb in circular movements massage your horse’s body to get right to the roots of the hair – not only will this result in a squeaky clean finish, but your horse will enjoy bath time even more! Make sure you pay particular attention to the roots of his mane as this can get particularly grimy and dusty, especially if he has been wearing a hood.

When it comes to washing the tail ensure you have thoroughly wet the hair, apply a small amount of shampoo and rub between your hands – you may be amazed at how much dirt has been hiding here! Carefully rinse with a bucket or water or hose until the water runs clear and then squeeze as much excess water out as you can. Apply Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine and allow to dry before you brush out any tangles.

Once you have thoroughly shampooed your horse’s body and legs use the Bathing Blade to rinse the coat thoroughly until there are no more soap suds left. If you do not have access to a hose use a clean sponge and fresh water to rinse. Make sure all the shampoo is removed. As soon as you have rinsed the coat use a sweat scraper to remove excess water and put a cooler rug on (unless it is warm and sunny) while you tackle his face! Not many  horses like having their face washed so using a clean, damp sponge carefully wipe over the whole face. Apply a small amount of soap to a small sponge and gently massage in, try to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth and then using a damp sponge gradually remove the suds.

For a finishing touch you could spray Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine all over his coat (avoiding the saddle patch area) which will help encourage an even greater gleam, leave the coat feeling soft and also help repel dirt and dust! Make the most of your horse’s cleanliness before he goes out in the field and un-does all your hard work!

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